Sunday, 1 November 2009

Drink yourself beautiful?

For years beauty companies have been plying us with creams and potions to rub for more beautiful skin, more glowing skin, smoother skin and more even skin. And! we've lapped it up to such lengths that some products have been granted cult status, but change is afoot and now there is an attempt to get us looking even more gorgeous from the inside out. Yes, from inside the body...

Step forward, Noah's Naturals, based in California they are set to launch a beauty drink in January 2010 which claims to fight the signs of ageing, improve tone and texture of skin and lead to all round healthier skin! It comes in a powder form and contains a cocktail of natural ingredients including collagen and elastin which are found naturally in the body. Not forgetting the several super fruits included, so here's hoping its yummy:-)

On the same 'beauty from within' bandwagon is the anti ageing water aptly named Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water (mouthful!) which promise to prevent damage to cells from free radicals in the environment and keep the immune system healthy. This product is set for a November 2009 launch, so drink up!

Its always been said that beauty must radiate from the inside out, so looks like we're well on our way to drinking this statement true.

Go on...... drink yourself beautiful! Cheers :-)
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