About Me

  • I think everyone should look and feel good all of the time and let our fabulous inner diva's out as much possible.
  • I am a qualified beauty therapist and I hold a degree in Business Administration....so beauty does come with brains!
  • I love giving pedicures....I'm not squeamish about feet so walk in my direction if your tootsies need TLC. I did my first pedicure aged 8 on an uncle with 50 year old toenails. Training doesn't get better than that!
  • Have an almost unhealthy love for make up and beauty products
  • I use my husband (bless him) for beauty experiments and practice.
  • Used to work in the investment banking industry.
  • Utterly addicted to Eastenders, just can't help it.
  • My first love and passion is writing. Why did I not study that at uni? *just thinking out aloud*
  • I read magazines from the middle pages - i.e the beauty section first.

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