Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The White Brigade

White nail polish is the comeback kid this spring. Its all over the catwalks and gracing the fingers of some of our most loved celebrities, from Lady Gaga (who's always been a white talon fan) to Gwen Stefani to Natasha Bedingfield.

It really is a spring awakening as we make a move away from the dark colours of winter. White nail polish is just so crisp, fresh and clean and really makes a statement. In its most opaque form it screams luxury and at its sheerest oozes sophistication.

And the cool thing is, everyone can wear white on their nails, just follow this tip. If you are an English Rose stick to sheer pearly whites with a hint of pink. For the California tan girl a more opaque, glossy white will really show of your colour.

Right on...the all white brigade is here!

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