Saturday, 17 October 2009

Scrub up! Scrub Up!

Fall, autumn, whatever you may call it, is fast approaching. The weather is getting chillier and the nights considerably longer. Soon coats, tights, hats, scarves and gloves will be just like Jay Z, coming out of retirement.

With our constant central heating, frequent blasts of cold air and skin wrapped up all day, its not rocket science that our skin starts to look dull, grey and tired. It’s simply a build up of dead skin cells which stop the skin from radiating wellness.

As winter approaches, body exfoliation must not slip down your grooming to do list. Your skin may be covered up but it shouldn’t be a case of out of sight, out of mind! The skin is the body’s largest organ so must be given it due love and attention.

The easiest way to remove dead skin cells is to use a body polisher when in the shower or bath. This is gentle enough to be used every day to lift dead skin cells and leave the looking more even and radiant. Especially if you slather up in a good moisturiser afterwards.

One step up, is to use a body brush which is especially good for hard to reach areas like the back. Your back is usually one of the parts of the body that gets less love, simply because it is hard to reach. The body brush solves this problem with its long handle and the soft bristles gently exfoliate leaving your back glowing. Do this a maximum of twice a week during winter and you’ll have a back worth its strappy top come summer.

Next for a little bath time luxury, you can add an exfoliating scrub or gel in the mix. A body scrub also contains essential oils and moisturisers which condition new skin cells as they emerge. That is when you really look after your skin from inside out! There are a great many which also firm, smooth, stimulate and invigorate the skin. The choice really is yours!

Even as the cold weather descends and you snuggle up warmly in your comfy coats and jackets, remember exfoliation should a key part of any beauty conscious diva’s routine... all year round!

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