Sunday, 16 May 2010

Muji Magic

In case you missed it, Bella Queen's favourite organise and tidy store, Muji, has launched a capsule skin care collection. And just like everything else it stocks, the products are practical, sensible and altogether to the point!

Similar to another Far East brand the key factor in this range is the water used to create the products. The water is from the Iwate region of Japan and is renowned for its softness and minuscule particle size. The science? the smaller and delicate the particle, the easier it is for the skin to absorb! Comprendre?

Lesson over! Although a fantastic start off range, there are only products for sensitive skin or dry skin. Oily skin sufferers, like me, lets keep hope alive!

There is peach juice for dry skin, which is very moisturising and grapefruit essence for sensitive skin, which naturally protects and keeps the skin moistened.

All the products are free from common irritants, packaged in a unisex design and reasonably priced from just under £8 to a top price of £18.

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