Monday, 14 June 2010

Product(s) of the Week: OPI DripDry & RapiDry Spray

We've all been there.... freshly painted nails, good coverage, nice and even polish.... then you reach into our handbag and out comes at least one nail with a smudge or dent. Can put anyone worth their polish off painting their nails!

OPI to the rescue. Their DripDry drops can get nails touch dry in 5 minutes. And followed by a quick spritz of RapiDry spray, nails will be dry to a smooth and smudge proof finish within minutes.

To use, add a 1-2 drops of DripDry to each nail 1 minute after adding top coat to the last nail. Then wait 2 minutes and spritz each hand with RapiDry holding the bottle about 12 inches away from the hand.

Now sit back, put your feet up and flip through your fave glossy for 10 minutes. Nails dry and your fabulous self is good to go. Happy painting, Bella Queens!

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