Monday, 26 July 2010

An interesting use of bath oil

It's my day off today and I really wanted to have a nice relaxing bath. You know the have the house to yourself, candles lit, vino in hand and it's all about some quality ME time.

So scene is set.....I'm in the bathroom and have favourite bath oil - Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacoa in hand. I open the bottle to savour the smell, letting the heady combination of vetyver, cinnamon, vanilla and cacoa envelop me like a smooth silk dressing gown and the top citrus notes of fresh lime and grapefruit lift my spirits up. Are you in my zone yet?

I sit on the edge of the bath, turn on the tap and reach absentmindedly for the plug hole stopper, but my hands don't get catch anything, I look down only to realise the stopper is missing. Shock and horror! the metal chain is there, but no plug stopper on the end of it.

Seems like my blissful bath time has fast forwarded to an extremely quick end, much to my dissatisfaction but I am determined to use this bath oil. It's my favourite!

So here comes the interesting part, I jump into the shower, yes I know bath oils don't lather up, but I've got other plans. After a quick shower, I get myself some good ol'Johnson's baby oil and mix it with a small amount the bath oil. I slather it all over and yes, I may not have had the relaxing bath I had in mind, but I'm still left feeling luxurious and beautifully fragranced!

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes, and now there is more than one way to use a bath oil!


  1. You need to run to the 99p store now!

  2. I can definetly be inventive, as you see!

  3. I bet this stuff smells great! I've been meaning to try the Jo Malone products...

  4. Jo Malone is one of the best in fragrances. Her stuff is really quality and the scents are so vivid. You won't ever look back once you try a Jo Malone product.


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