Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Review: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

Face Atelier Cosmetics is the darling of professional make up artists and a brand that they keep close to their hearts. But we’ve laid our hands on some foundations and have been trialing this hard to find brand. Unless of course you’re based in Canada, the home of Face Atelier.

After only ever hearing good things about the cult foundations and it was an eager wait to get our hands on it. So how excited was the Bella Queen headquarters, when two weeks ago a UPS van pulled up with a package from their head office across the pond? Very! So far, we can say it was worth the wait.
Their Ultra Foundations are utter bliss to use. They skim over the face and minimise the appearance of pores. Light and creamy, they provide only up to medium coverage, so, if you normally use concealer, you still will be as this foundation by no means provides full coverage.

But from use on some clients, they reported the product felt light as air and didn’t feel as they had anything on. Perfect for the ‘no make up’ make up look. This is because they are silicone based and that’s very good news for people who don’t like the feeling of foundation on their skin. We found that the Ultra Foundation melts into the skin and a little goes a long way, so go easy on it. Plus there is also no need for primer OR setting powder. Bonus.

The foundations cover all skin tones and for those who struggle to find the perfect match, Face Atelier have miracles in pump bottles, called Zero Plus, Zero Plus Plus and Zero Mins. The pluses will add more warmth to any foundation shade, while the minus will cool a foundation down a notch. Genius! So mix away to find your perfect custom shade.
For some reason we were under the impression that foundations would have a thicker consistency, but are a little on the runny side. So if you decant on the back of your hand, take care as our experience showed it will run over your hand quite quickly.

That said, it’s easy to see why Face Atelier gets so much love around the world. Apparently Lady Gaga is a huge fan and she goes ‘gaga’ (we couldn’t help it) over it. It’s a shame that you can’t walk into a store in the UK to make a purchase, so currently our most trusted place to purchase from, is online at Prices start at £32.


  1. This foundation sounds lovely. I really like the sound of the 'adjusters' too! Very handy if you need to tweak the colour a bit.
    Jane x

  2. It is lovely! and the'adjusters' are great if you're on holiday and getting a bit can slightly adjust your foundation without the razmatazz of getting a whole new foundation matched.


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