Friday, 19 February 2010

Beyond Beauty

If this isn't one step too far then I don't know what is. I like at home beauty kits and products as much as the next diva, but words failed me when I stumbled upon a bit about vagina dyeing on Yes, you heard (rather read) there are products out there you can use to dye your vagina AND they come in 4 different shades AND they are retailed for you to use at HOME!

According to the e-tailer, My New Pink Button, one of their little pots of varying shades of pink can really restore the the youthfulness to your labia - improving its pinkness and tone. Although, I first thought this was funny, there really is a serious element to it as its sold as an anti ageing product. I didn't really know that the vagina lost its tone and colour as women got older. Did you?

The dyes themselves which are still awaiting patent licences are all named after Hollywood sex kittens like Marilyn and Bettie and promises that with their use you can improve the va va voom in your sex life. But would dyeing your vagina really give you more punani power in the bedroom? I think not.......

I have met some seriously age conscious women and this sort of product would be right up their 'ohhh is that another fine line?' street. It preys on insecurities and body hang ups, which lets face it, we all have. And not to mention, surely painting a chemical dye on your coochie has to be dangerous. Isn't it enough that we already have cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation surgery where for a price you can make down there look smaller,tighter and prettier. Not forgetting a favouriette of the blue world, anal bleaching.

Vaginal dyeing is a lot extreme and one step too far for me in such a delicate place. Maybe I'm not brave enough, but I'd hazard a bet that most of us would rather leave our pink buttons as they are, thank you very much.

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