Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A v. Fishy Pedicure!

A very fishy pedicure has been making waves in Asia and some parts of America and may soon be coming to the UK and I for one cannot wait to try it out! (I'm already on the waiting list) Its even made it way on to an Ugly Betty episode.

The Fish pedicure has been around since about 2008, but it must have stayed underwater...oops! undercover, till now. Now there is a waiting list to have one. Aqua Sheko, are set to be the first to offer Londoners the Fish Pedicure in a swish spa in Kensington.

Quite simply it involves placing your feet in tank of warm water which holds the fish. These Garra Rufa fish (technical name) are toothless and they nibble away at dead skin while leaving healthy skin untouched and can nibble away for anything up to thirty minutes depending on how much dry skin there is. They also secrete an enzyme which encourages skin regeneration - meaning brand new baby soft skin. You really couldn't ask for more!

It all sounds intimidating and it probably isn't for the fainthearted, but those who have tried it have nothing but praise for it. Word of warning though, you should always have a standard pedicure after, so that your feet can be properly cleaned.

Think of those calluses and cracked heels.....tempted??? Its worth a go, at least!


  1. Ooh fishy pedicure! I actually went for one of those..And I have to admit I found it more freaky than anything else, and I'm Asian! However my family (who were all very enthusiastic about the entire thing) insisted it was becaue I had been in the USA for too long, LOL. I thought that it was interesting but I didn't see all that much difference, and honestly a Ped egg or a pumice stone would probably get rid of more. Guess those poor little fishies just aren't going to be able to eat off all your dead skin even if they are hungry!

  2. Someone's who's had one and speaks from experience! Thank You! Press coverage so far seems to indicate that these fish leave you baby soft feet....hmmmm...Can't wait to test the goods myself and see!


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