Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Nail Detox

This week a client said to me - 'I want to give me nails a rest, a bit of a breather, so I don't want any polish.'

She was right and wrong at the same time. In my book after months of wearing our favourite rouge noires and other dark polishes, now is the perfect time to give nails a breather and allow them to develop strength in time for the on slaught of fabulous summer colours which are about to hit the shelves.
But at the same time its important to wear polish to protect the nails from everyday bumps and knocks! In comes in the NAIL DETOX.... just like the one we promise ourselves after the Christmas binge!

The nail detox simply consists of removing any old polish using a good polish remover that re-balances moisture on nail and works on removing staining. Leighton Denny Brilliance Nail Polish Remover does a fantastic job.

Massage a good nail and cuticle oil into the nail and surround to moisture and hydrate. OPI Avoplex cuticle oil is award winning and so is Solar Oil be Creative Nail Designs (CND) and that is all there is to know!
Follow this up with a light buff to smooth the refine and smooth the surface of the nail. Again Leighton has out hearts with his Trio Buffer which is in one word amazing and really does bring out the shine in your nails!

Now polish with a shield, this will keep your nails well looked after and infuse the nail plate with proteins to keep the strong and healthy. OPI's Nail Envy is fantastic for this and if you're already a well manicured gal, you can use the Nail Envy Maintenance polish and this maintains your already perfect talons! Creative Nail Designs have Toughen Up, which strengthen the nails and also acts as a base coat. Essie has a 3 step programme starting of with Millionails which fortifies the nail.

Keep the detox going for at least a month. If you must wear polish go for a light shade with less chance of staining. Soon you'll have healthily balanced nails ready to sport the shocking brights or pretty pastel colours that are hot off the catwalk!

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