Sunday, 12 September 2010

Beauty College Chronicles: Week Four

I stood at a bus stop for nearly an hour, similar to this. GETTY Images
College was a bit all over the place this week with the tube drivers going on strike. Our timetable was completely sent to pieces as a result. Monday we had to finish early so that we could manage to catch the last trains home and on Tuesday, only half the class came in and of those some were over two hours late. I was thirty minutes late and I have to say a big thank you to make up ledge Kenneth Soh for guiding me on to the right bus via Twitter messages!

Monday was not a good day at all. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I didn't pass my direct high frequency facial exam. I got a big fat NOT COMPETENT across my treatment sheet and I was not a happy bunny. I didn't pass because someone pinched a few products from my trolley AFTER I'd set up and during my treatment when I realised this, I had to ask another student to get me some products.  According to lecturer if it was a real treatment room, I would look unprofessional asking a colleague to get me products half way during a treatment. Point taken, but seeing as it wasn't a real treatment room and the facial itself was perfect, including use of the machine, maybe the fact that I asked for help from another student should have been overlooked. I don't know......

Its very important to pass in class exams, because without it, you're not allowed into the college salon to work on paying clients. Usually it would be a few weeks before you're allowed to do a re-take, but seeing as the timetable was already all over the place, I managed to convince my lecturer to let me do it again on Tuesday and I'm happy to say I passed with flying colours!  Again, thanks for all the congratulations I received via Twitter. I was so pleased with myself, I slipped out at lunchtime and bought myself some nail polish.

Our health and safety exam also got postponed, because not every one was in. I did feel a little put out as I had managed to study for it and wanted to get it out of the way. Oh well, I hope we do it this week, so we don't get exams piling up.

In the afternoon, I practiced my galvanic facials in time for our exam this coming week. I think I should ace those too, so long as I make sure I double check my trolley before I actually start my treatment and no one pinches my products. I'll be keeping my beady eye on everyone!
Exactly like the one we use in college, but there are much posher ones on the market

The lecturer also took some time to demonstrate the faradic facial machine. The faradic is used for tightening the facial muscles to provide more lift and tone to the face. It can also be used all over the body - more of that to come. I didn't get a chance to practice using it, but my partner did on me. It was hilarious! She placed the black block on different parts of my face and I could feel my muscles tensing underneath with each pulse and you could actually see the muscles tense and release underneath the skin as well. Felt and looked like I had a nervous twitch.

I can see the faradic being a treatment I like, because my face felt very lifted afterwards, like a mini face lift.

So that's it for another week at beauty college. Next week, more on the faradic and test results!


  1. This is fascinating reading, I am going to sit down later this week and have a good long look. So glad you passed later, big congrats from me. Thanks so much for the post and the pics. Jan x

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying! Passed two more exams today as well, so yay me! x

  3. Well done on all the exams! I'm sorry to hear about the first one though, the other students are obviously very naughty. I've seen it happen for real is salons plenty of times and don't think anything of it, it sounds like the lecturer is pretty harsh!

    Kenneth is definitely a ledge and he certainly is very up on the public transport situation. I love his on bus/train tweets, lol!!
    Jane x


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