Sunday, 5 September 2010

Beauty College Chronicles: Week Three

Only one day at college this week, due to the Monday bank holiday.

I was very excited because I missed the direct high frequency facial practical the week before. Excitement stopped when I realised that I also had a galvanic facial at the end of the day. So two electrical facials in one day. I was not impressed. For one, a facial is recommended every four weeks, so to have two electrical facials in one day, was bordering on slight madness as for as I was concerned. Plus I remember the damage done when I did my Level 2 beauty therapy and had facials every other day for six weeks.

Lucky for me, I pipped first to carry out the facial on my partner and as I set up the machine, it looked very ominous with its different types of glass tubes and mushroom heads. Felt like I was setting up for some kind of electrocution. So partner on couch, I did a regular facial, but cut the massage down by ten minutes, so I could use the rest of the time to apply the direct high frequency.

Boy was I scared...I was going to apply electricity to someones face to cleanse it and the fear of shocking her meant I forgot to breathe.  In the end, I just went for it, I put the mushroom head on her face, turned on the machine and whacked the current up. The electricity shot through the glass tubing in a purple glow and whirred, quite loudly might I add. For a facial it didn't sound relaxing. It was all very Doctor Who'esque'.

Glass Mushroom Heads, Zapper at the top of image
I also had to use the Zapper (yes its called a Zapper) to dehydrate her spots. This helps to dry out the spot and cleanse bacteria from the area. The Zapper is a long thin glass tube that has an electric current flowing through it. Again, it looked like a torture device so I was apprehensive. Very gingerly, I hoovered the Zapper over the spot and the current flowed out and zapped it. Literally. You can actually see the purple spark when the current hits the spot. I could see my partner wincing, so I stopped after two zaps. But I'm glad to say, I didn't once shock her during her treatment. Unlike her, who shocked me and left me sitting bolt upright, saying things I really shouldn't say in a learning environment.

Lunch was a welcome relief and I went for a stroll on Oxford Street to entertain myself (i.e. shop!) and get myself all relaxed and ready for the galvanic facial. Due to the 'shockgate' incident, I arranged to change partners as the galvanic facial doesn't only electrocute if used incorrectly, it can also burn the skin quite deeply, like a cigarette burn.

A Galvanic Machine
For those of you who don't know a galvanic machine in its simplest form, it increases the absorption of products into the skin and generally increases the efficiency of any treatment. There are two versions for oily skin or dry skin to either cleanse or help rehydrate skin and then allow products to penetrate into the inner most layers of the skin. It is used with various gels to either cleanse, calm, rehydrate or firm skin. There are many more types of gel as well, depending on what you want to achieve.

Lucky for me, again I pipped up first, so I performed the galvanic to my partner, thus avoiding it having it done to me. Yippee! Happy to report, nothing extraordinary happen, no shocks or electrocutions. It'll be my turn next week to lay on the couch.

And that was the end of all the fun and games for the day! Next week, more tales from practicals and two exams to talk about!


  1. It all sounds so exciting *evil Dr. laugh*! It's worrying to hear that you got shocked, you'll have to let me know where that partner works, so I can avoid it.

    I find all of this so fascinating. I'd love to have a go with one of these. Anytime you need a guinea pig, let me know ;) !!
    Jane x

  2. Its exciting learning about all the different facial machines, just practicing can be a bit nervy. But its got to be done! I'll let you know when salon sessions start, so that you can come and be a guinea pig. Thanks!


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