Monday, 6 September 2010

The Make Up Store: A quick visit

Grumpy with tired feet and sore arms from a day of shopping, I made a last stop at The Make Up store in Westfield, not expecting to be wowed in anyway. I had heard of them before but not tried their products and so I wasn't expecting much. Well now I'll eat my words, because I was wowed with a lot of what they had. 

From what I remember the store was well laid out, with eye products and blushers on one side and foundations, powders, lipsticks and pencils on the other. Even though it wasn't the largest of stores, there was enough space for me to manoeuvre, without thinking I was going to knock something down with my bags.

The sales assistant was refreshing. She knew about all the products in the store and seemed to have a genuine interest in make up. You could tell she paid attention during training. She was very helpful and answered all my testing questions, obviously not knowing that I'm a make up artist myself.

I didn't have enough time to delve into all the products, but the ones I tried I really liked and in my eyes it was all on the same price point as MAC (eyeshadows £11, liquid foundation £21). I sense some competition there. So if you're bored of MAC and want to try something else along the same lines and price point, try the Make Up Store. There were a lot of similar products and quite a bit that are especially catered to a working make up artist e.g. Mixing Medium,  skin neutralisers, multi use high shine cream bases, false eyelashes and crystals.

There were lots of cutesy products too, make up bags, tweezers, sharpeners, nail polish, eyelash curlers....the list is endless. The place to be if you like bits and bobs. According to their booklet, they also offer make up courses, which I think would be quite interesting to try out.

I will be making a special visit to the store in the next couple of weeks and taking my time to look through all their products. I really think they are worth it.  I bought a blusher and an eyeshadow that I really liked when I swatched, and a review will soon be coming up on them. 

I cannot finish this post without a mention of their candles. They simply smelt divine and wouldn't look out of place in any bedroom or lounge. So if there's a Make Up Store near you, don't dismiss it, you'll be surprised what you could find in there!


  1. ooh! That blusher looks beautiful!

  2. Sounds great. I'm looking forward to hearing more! x

  3. Some of their products do look fab! Can't wait to try them out. Stay tuned for more details girlies! x

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