Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More Polish Parade

I don't tend to like gold nail polishes of any kind, but I do like this one. Its very festive and I suspect I'll have this on my toes for Christmas day. It's also got glitter and I'm clearly going through a glitter phase.

OPI Swiss Collection - Glitzerland


  1. I love gold nail varnish, but yes, I tend to only wear it around December. This is an absolutely beautiful shade. I have it on the way to me and I think I might end up wearing it in September I'm that excited about it!

  2. Oh yes very Chrimbo - I may have to get myself one of these, maybe there will be a collection on QVC Beauty Day with the 4x epay? Who knows, otherwise it is searching ebay for me - OPI is not easy to find. Thanks for the post and pics Jan x

  3. @Helen, it really is a beautiful shade, definitely a Crimbo colour. You'll fall in love with it, I promise.

    @lipstickmama - if you're going to purchase on Ebay go for Beautyzone2007 - very reliable.

  4. I think this looks lovely on your nails! x


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