Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tweezer Talk

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Did you know that Tweezerman give a lifetime guarantee on their products and offer free sharpening too? I sure didn't and I was quite please to find out.

Don't know about you, but I pretty much lost without my tweezers. Which is what drove me to Boots, I had lost the damn thing!

My eye was drawn to a pretty pink No 17 box of tweezers which had both a slanted tweezer and a pointed one for £12. The little girl in my head was saying 'oh nice, isn't it lovely!' Till I saw the Tweezermans, which at £15 for one pointed implement isn't cheap, but my practical voice was saying 'its excellent craftsmanship, it looks sturdy and with free sharpening and a lifetime guarantee, you're going to have it for a long time!'
Top left hand of image, it says 'free sharpening'

Plus, it won an InStyle Best Beauty Buy 2010! It doesn't get better.

How could I resist? Would you have? What are your fave tweezers and how long have you had them?

Quick Tip - keep a bottle of Barbacide (available from Sally's Salon Services) in the kitchen cupboard. And once a week soak your metal implements- tweezers, scissors, eyelash curlers without rubber bits, nail cutters etc in a solution overnight, to disinfect and keep them clean. If you share implements or have them lolling about in your make up bag, try and soak more often!  



  1. You have to send them to Texas, that's what always puts me off, so I just buy another pair. I think I'm on pair no 5 now LOL

  2. I'll have to check Sally's out....It's better than surgical spirits I take it?

  3. I have a full size pair of slant tip Tweezermans, 2 pocket sized Tweezermans and 1 pair of Shavata pointed tweezers, I love tweezers and will probably buy some more at some point! Thanks for the post. Jan x

  4. I lost mine recently and was beside myself! I had to use my back up pair which just aren't up to it. I found my usual pair in my brush case the other day, I was so relieved. Mine are tweezerman (I think) but with a slanted rather than pointed edge. I agree with what you say though, it's better off getting a quality item when it comes to this sort of product. It's definitely worth it in the long run.
    Jane x

  5. @VITC - Texas is a long way to go and you'd have to buy a replacement in the meantime anyway whilst it being sharpened. But I think it still a nice touch from them.

    @Sparklz - yes definitely get some barbacide. Its more economical I think and you can use it for so many metal tools. I use surgical spirit when I'm on the go, but always disinfect with barbacide when I get home.

    @lipstickmama - thats one collection you got going there! I've got at least 6 dotted around the house and in various make up cases too!

    @ModestyBrown - its such a little tool, but when it goes missing, its leave a bit of a hole. My pointed are my fave. And you are absolutely right, better to spend a few more bob and get good quality x


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