Monday, 13 September 2010

The Nail Polish Parade

Over the past few weeks, I've managed to stack up so many nail polishes and I've not had a chance to try all of them out. So this week, I've set myself the task to wear all of my favourites in the bunch and parade them here on the blog for all to see! So here goes. You actually get 3 for 1 on Monday, because I'm throwing in Saturday and Sunday's polish, because I'm nice :-)

I'm not going into longevity or anything like that, this is just strictly about showcasing the colour of the polish.
OPI's Yodel me on my Cell from Swiss Collection

Pop Beauty from Pixi Make Up aptly named Xmas!
Inglot's 973 from the Brown Collection


  1. I really like the last one. It's so sexy!

  2. Loving that Inglot. I haven't tried any of their polishes yet but that one looks fantastic.

  3. These are lovely colours on you. BTW none of my comments are appearing, am I offending? Hope not!! Thanks for this. Jan x Will try to comment on other posts.

  4. @The Girlie Blog and Helen: Inglot is so becoming a place to find surprising good polishes and colours. I have another one I'll show you soon, but give them a go if you can. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

    @Lipstickmama - thank you! Comments weren't appearing as it took me a few days to go through them as i've been so busy. You've not offended in any way at all. Hope all is well x

  5. Oh, I love that Inglot polish! It's very nice.


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