Thursday, 16 September 2010

Polish Parade marches on.......

Matching the colour of London's sky today, the polish parade takes a grey and steely tone. Perfect wintery colours!

Inglot's 965 from the Grey Collection
Essie's Chinchilly

So what do you think? Are you enjoying the polish parade so far?


  1. I am loving the Polish Parade - have got loads of new ideas and recs, the Inglot 965 maybe my favourite so far. Thanks for the posting and the fab pics, Jan x

  2. Awww london is gray. But it's pretty shades of gray.

  3. @lipstickmama - glad you're enjoying the parade. 965 is a great colour, I recommend highly.

    @The Girlie Blog - it was a gray morning in London and these colours suited perfectly!


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