Tuesday, 7 September 2010

So Paradoxal? Whats it all about?

So I've jumped on the Paradoxal bandwagon and yes I know I'm a few weeks late, but I just have to put in my two pence worth as well. I don't normally follow hype and this was another impulse purchase for me in Selfridges (I need to stay away from that place, too many impulse purchases!). I saw it, swatched it and thought 'ooh nice, but do I want it?' Knowing that they had sold out of it within hours, I asked the sales assistant if they had any, fully expecting her to say no. That would have been the end of it for me. But she said yes, so without thinking I said 'ok then I'll have it!'

Its been sitting around for a few weeks and it finally came out of the box today and on looking at it again, my heart literally skipped a bit and the five year old in whispered 'its so magical.'  I mean, come on, its a nail polish and I am three times older! I slapped it on quickly, but of course with due respect to make sure I didn't flood my cuticles or side walls. A colour like this HAS to be respected!

And ooh how I love it! I love the purple dredgeyness (yes this is a word, MY word) of it. I love its murky brownish greyish tones, reminding me of a dirty river. I love the shimmer in it, that you can only catch in certain lights. Its like the Chelsea Harbour lights bouncing off the Thames at night. It had me running around the house trying to see how much shimmer I could catch. I can't believe a polish is making me run as I NEVER run, not even if I'm late for work. The risk of falling on my tush is too high, but here I am running up and down stairs for the sake of Paradoxal.

Ahem, back to the polish. Its £16.50 and for me, it was well worth the money and it has made me extremely happy. And for something I wasn't too bothered about, I certainly have fell for it big time! I don't care if it only lasts one day, or chips or peels, applying it is where all the fun is at and even if I only get one day out of it, its one day of me being EXTREMELY happy!

ps: please do not begrudge me the amount of pictures I put on this post. It's just love!


  1. It's a bit expensive for polish but glad you like it. The color is pretty and looks professional.

  2. It's beautiful and I love your pictures. You captured the shimmer really well x

  3. For such a lovely colour, I think it was worth the money. Thanks for all the lovely compliments as well x


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