Sunday, 3 October 2010

Beauty College Chronicles: Week Seven

Firstly, I can't believe I've been on my course for nearly two months already. It seems to be flying by! We also nearly at the end of the electrical facial unit as well and will be moving on to epilation in the next week. I predict that will be a toughie!

Anyway, back to talking about this week. Monday was a good, but surprising day. I had my Multi Current facial exam (henceforth known as the chopsticks facial) and I was dead nervous, because I didn't feel competent in it yet. I was getting there but thought that more practice was needed. My lecturer on the other hand who has copious amounts of faith in all of us, insisted I would be fine, to get on with it and she wasn't going to let me go home if I didn't do it, so I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. Happy and shocked to say that it was all OK and I passed. But I didn't want 'just ok', I wanted it to be excellent! So I guess, I'll be working on this particular facial a lot during free practice session to make sure its absolutely PERFECT.

Monday seemed to be the day of demos and we had one demo on the brand new microdermabrasion machines, which looked very exiting and good fun. Can't wait to get my hands on them! And we also had a demo on the lymphatic drainage facial machine. I love this machine and I think its one of my favourite to to do. Its a great pick me up facial for those with minimal skin complaints as it just revives and brightens the complexion by using glass ventouses to move waste products and toxins away from the normal areas they clog up the skin, i.e under eyes, chin. Its great for circulation too!

At the end of the day, I did a practice on my class partner and it was amazing the results were quite visible straight away. Clearer, rosy and more glow to her skin.

Tuesday was full of theory work and more practicals. My partner did her multi current exam on me and managed to get my hair wet with the steamer. I walked around all do looking dishevelled with nappy hair.  Had to avoid the Liberty's at lunch for fear of being thrown out (lol). I just kept thanking God, I had a hair appointment scheduled for Saturday to redo my extensions.

The highlight of Tuesday, was our first evening salon session, which meant that we would be working on real paying clients, just like in a regular salon. I was excited and nervous, but I held it all in and put my confident therapist face on and went for it. My client was a lovely mature lady, who'd never had a facial in her life, so I was determined to make sure she enjoyed it. She booked in for a Prescriptive Facial, which meant I could tailor it more for her skin type. So after an in depth consultation of her skin, habits and lifestyle, we settle on a galvanic facial, which would stimulate her dry skin and allow it to absorb more products for maximum moisture and hydration.

I always say the sign of a good facialist is if they can get you totally relaxed and put you to sleep. I'm glad I did just that and by the time of her massage, she had fell into a deep relaxed state and was sleeping peacefully. Her feedback was ' great facial and Kay has wonderful hands and will make a fantastic facialist.' That so made the 12.5 hour day at college worth it and although I was exhausted, there was a big grin on my face the entire way home!

So that's it for another week it will be more facial exams and getting used to the microdermabrasion machine and getting the anatomy and physiology exam out of the way. Yikes! must hit the books now.


  1. How lovely to have a comment like that, I remember my sister paying for me to have an all over day at a salon before I got married, and the therapist just didn't make me feel relaxed at all, I still shudder at the memory 20yrs later! I love hearing about your weeks, thanks for these posts. Jan

  2. It sounds like you had an excellent week. Every time I read that you've sent someone off in to a blissful deep sleep, I want to submit to your hands! I'd love a little snooze. Great work! x

  3. @lipstickmama - oh no! to get the best experience the therapist has to put your comfort and satisfaction first. When I open my salon, I'll make sure you get proper treatment to put the shudders to bed!

    @Modesty Brown - it was an excellent week and I'm really priding myself in exceeding expectations when it comes to facials. I want to specialise in them, so each one I do, I'm trying to go the extra mile, deliver an excellent service and practice a few new tricks :-)


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