Monday, 18 October 2010

Glitters gonna get me!

My glitter fever is at an all time high, especially after receiving a few polishes from the OPI Burlesque collection. My other half thinks I've gone bonkers seeing as a few months ago you couldn't pay me to wear a glitter nail polish. I always complain that they are murder to take off, but right this moment, I could possibly commit murder to get my hands on a glitter nail polish! Strange.

This past week, I've been sporting my two favourites from the collection.

Extrava-va-ganza, a gorgeous gold and orange glitter combination with hints of blue and pink glitter involved. I got compliments all day with this on and the girls at work were requesting it non-stop.

Sparkle-icious, a beautiful blue bases glitter polish, with yellow, pink, gold and purple glitter in the mix. I really like this one, it so colourful and really perks me up.

Not only are these polishes great on their own, I suspect they'll also be excellent for layering over a similar block colour, just to bring some life to some only polish you already own. Just be aware, you'll need a bit of elbow grease to take them off. Having said that, they are well worth it.

One of my favourite OPI collections so far!


  1. Hi there:)
    They both looks fab!

    I wore Sparkle-icious by OPI burlesque collection last week, but I actually painted it over a brown nail polish and it gave it a dark base colour and I then did maybe 3 coats of the sparkleicious and I thought it looked lovely.
    Worth a try.

    I am the same - as in a few months ago I wouldn't even consider a glitter polish lol.
    So fickle ;)

  2. They are so beautiful! I really want to get one, though I shall have to try my luck once the spending ban is over.

    I understand exactly what you mean about having a glitter moment all of a sudden. Normally I'm not bothered but these are somehow really different.
    Jane x

  3. @ Cheeky Beauty - I can imagine that these glitters would look great over a dark base. I'll definitely give that a go. I tend to layer Leighton Denny polishes like that as well. He does good colour cocktails.

    @MB - do do get one, when the ban is over. Everyone needs a bit of glitter especially with Christmas coming up :-)

    @Rebecca - Treat yourself hun! x


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