Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday Favourites! Sealing Gel

After a short hiatus, Friday Favourites is back and this products gets a well deserved mention. I've only just discovered it, but I am so loving it, especially for the drama its creates!

The gong goes to Illamasqua's Sealing Gel, which can be used for a variety of purposes to create a quick drying intense colour paste that lasts forever. I mean even need elbow grease to remove when you're washing off your make up.

Being a fan of eyebrows, off course I used it to create some uber sculpted defined brows that will wow any brow fan!
Ignore make up, focus on les brows!

To do, I mixed the sealing gel with a dark navy blue eyeshadow (blue brows are high impact drama) and using the Illamasqua eyebrow brush, I drew on my new brows. If you're going to follow suit, you only need a few drops of the sealing gel and only mix in a small corner section of the eyeshadow pan, so that you can preserve the rest of the eyeshadow for future use.

Illamasqua's Never Eyeshadow

Go ahead, enjoy some high drama brows! Halloween is round the corner, perfect time to let out your alter ego x

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