Monday, 4 October 2010

It's all in the nose

Came across this on a site and thought it would be quite fun to post.

Your nose is a thing of beauty and apparent says a lot about you. I've been told I have a short nose. I agree that I am hard working, but not sure about the rest of my supposed characteristics yet!

What does your nose say about you?

Bulbous tip: You have a preoccupation with saving

Small tip: You do not consider money important
Flared nostrils: You are a big spender and an adventurous risk-taker

Long nose: Routine work is not your speciality
Short nose: You have a talent for old-fashioned, hard work, but you crave emotional stability
Broad nose: You have stability and a purposeful nature and a powerful sex drive
Long and narrow nose: You are intelligent, witty and engaging
Long and broad nose: You have lots of staying power and concentration
Fat nose: You are optimistic and are usually good in business
Ski-jump nose: You are intuitive
Arched: You are elegant and creative

I'm looking forward to your comments as to what your nose says about your personality!


Image anddescription obtained sourced from Cosmetic Beauty Directory


  1. Ha Ha - I think that mine is big fat and broad!
    Jan x


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