Thursday, 7 October 2010

Product Review: MyFace Cosmetics

I was sent some MyFace.Cosmetics for review and I've decided to do it in separate posts of eyes and lips.

So first for the eyes.

Left to right: Sp'ice'y, Bellbottom Blues, Black Ice

I was sent the eyeshadows from the Blingtone collection (£9.99) on on first glance I really liked them. I'm a sucker for blue eyeshadow so I was sold from the start. But on the day I tried them, the only place I was going to was my local Tesco's so I thought the blue was best left at home.

The pans are really sturdy, which I liked. Felt the shadows were safe and secure. The eyeshadow itself has an almost cream, satin feeling, which I think is lovely. And the glitter isn't too big. I'm always worried about glitter eyeshadow falling on my cheeks during application, but I'm happy to say that I didn't get any fall out with this.

I liked the application and coverage I got on my eyes, but I'm really dissappointed it didn't show through on camera when the flash was on.. It's really twinkly, but I think it's fine for day time use.  The base of my eye shadow closely matched my skin tone, so for more 'umph', I think next time I will use over a cream based eyeshadow and pat it in for maximum bling! or mix with MAC's mixing medium for a full metallic foil effect.

The blue and black eye shadows, will definitely come out on a dance floor night out, again over a cream base though. Overall verdict, I like!

The mascara I've got on is also from MyFace.Cosmetics and although you can't usually part me from my DiorShow, I was quite impressed with this one called Upload Mascara (£9.99). I felt it both separated and lengthened my lashes and also left me with denser looking lashes as well. I can't complain about that.  Just touching my lashes as I type a few hours later and they don't feel dry or brittle, which is a great plus point. I won't be putting this one to one side, it'll be a keeper in my make up bag.

And because I have a major blush crush, I couldn't resist trying the blusher as well. Its called Her Name is Rio (£9.99) and I really like the soft orange/peach colour in the pan and there's a golden hue underneath the orange. This too felt creamy to the touch and not to drying. On its own on my skin, I didn't feel I got my usual does of blush. Then again, I am used to wearing much darker colours. I did resort to a touch of MAC Fever and then Rio on top for a golden highlight.

Overall, I was impressed with MyFace.Cosmetics and felt it of good quality, which it should be as make up maestro Charlotte Tilbury was involved in its creation. The presentation is excellent, especially with the blusher, which comes with a soft enough brush and an internal mirror so you can use it on the move. It didn't irritate or dry out my skin, so a thumbs up from me!


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  2. I spotted these in my local Boots a couple of weeks ago twinkling at me across the shopfloor! I really liked the look of the black one but some dirty little teenager had poked there finger into the last one left on the display! Mucky pup!! I hate it when that happens. Might have to pop back and have another look!

  3. Lovely review! The products sound very nice x

  4. The eye make up is certainly lovely, especially the bling tones. Definitely worth a try.


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