Thursday, 14 October 2010

Jergen's Naturals: Dry Skin Saviours!

In my head, winter has arrived. My heating is already on and my winter coat has been dry cleaned. I've bought two new boots and I've raided Uniqlo for new jumpers. Plus my skin is starting to look dry, and having black skin, dryness also makes me look look grey and ashy. Not a good look! Basically means, I need more moisturiser, which is fine, but I hate the thought of moisturising in the morning and by lunchtime I need to slap some more on. Too time consuming!

This is where Jergens Naturals come in. I've not tried the range before, as I normally swear by Johnson's Baby Lotion, but I have been pleasantly surprised and very happy with using their body moisturisers.

I started off using the Ultra Hydrating a few weeks ago, (picked it up in Tesco's for £2.50, bargain! they are normally about £5). I've found it very effective on my dry skin, more so if I've exfoliated and I don't have to put any more on during the day. With 96% natural ingredients including jojoba, avocado and olive oil, my skin feels hydrated almost instantly. Also, it feels very light on the skin and sinks in quite quickly. I dislike any creams that feel heavy and leave me feeling like I'm covered in grease. Jergen's doesn't, so major gold stars.

I liked the Ultra Hydrating so much, I decided to try a few more of the range and I've now been alternating between the Ultra Moisturising, Cocoa Butter and Total Nourishment. The award winning Cocoa butter formula is also has 96% natural ingredients including vitamin E which works as an anti oxidant. I love using this on a night out, especially if I've got my arms and legs out as it leaves a lovely sheen and smells like chocolate heaven. Though, not overpowering like the Palmers Cocoa Butter range.

My absolute favourite is the Total Nourishment as I feel it delivers on all levels.  Its boosted by 97% natural ingredients, with a heavy super fruit berry content. acai berry which promotes healthy skin, cranberry which is a gentle exfoliant and keeps my skin vibrant, goji berry and mangosteen extract which combat free radicals due to their anti oxidant content. Using this particular one, I feel my skin is very nourished, getting protection and I love the light berry fragrance. If only, they could throw in some SPF, that would complete my enjoyment!

The range is paraben free, cruelty free and dermalogically tested. All plus points for me. That said, I will be keeping the bathroom cabinet stocked with Jergen's Naturals all winter. I feel the range is a keeper!

Now over to you, have you tried Jergen's Natural's before? and what's your opinion on them?


  1. I've never tried Jergen's before but it sound lovely. I am terrible at remembering to apply body lotion though. I shall have a smell of these next time I see them.
    Jane x

  2. The quality took me by surprise. I noticed they were still half price in Tesco's last night, so if you want to give it a go, head down there :-)


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