Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Journey to my alter ego, with Illamasqua

Last Friday, I attended the Night Time Diva at Illamasqua's brand new store. The course itself was brilliant, I couldn't use another word to describe it. It was well structured, clear and taught by two highly respected make up artists - Adam Medusa Sidwell and David Horne. If you're thinking about doing a make up course, I suggest you try one of the Illamasqua ones. I left feeling much more confidence in my use of colours within make up and armed with tips and tricks to make my professional make up life easier.

Seeing as the store was virtually empty, I took the opportunity to shop to my hearts content and came home with a mini haul, which is pictured below. These are all items, I used within the course and felt instantly that I had to have them and I am glad I bought them, without thinking twice as they have made such a difference.

Top left is a cream foundation, just the right combination of matte and luminous. Goes on like a dream and provides very good build-able coverage. I use small foundation brush on the far left to apply it, just by buffing it into the skin.

Top right is the an invisible pressed powder. Its so finely milled and velvety to the touch. Plus it holds my make up in place fabulously.

There is a navy blue eyeshadow in the mix, called Never. Its a matte finish and its great for not just the eyes. More that to come.

Also a liquid metal eyeshadow in green, called Stoic (there is a waiting list for this on their website). Its a a mettalic emerald shade, which pops against my dark skin. You can put a powder eyeshadow on it as well, to create a subtle shimmer.

In the middle is pure pigment in Ore. A fantastic and intense pure colour pigment. I've not used it yet, but when I do, it will probably to add more effect to another shadow, but the possibilities are endless.

The other items are concealer (bottom right) with an intensely creamy finish, a lip brush and and eyebrow brush. The little bottles are called Sealing Gel, which can be mixed with eye shadow, pure pigment or cake eye liners for a long lasting finish.

I have fallen more in love with Illamasqua and I'm sure that I will be purchasing a few more products as time goes by. Are you a fan?


  1. Oooh can't wait!!
    Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Fantastic, sorry for being such a dope and not realising you'd done the course already. I was a little preoccupied earlier in the week. I love the products you got, Stoic looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to hearing more :)
    Jane x

  3. i've never used their products! i'm dying to try! can't wait to hear and see what you get up to with your new stash! x

  4. @ Sparklz and Shine - you will HAVE a good time!

    @ Modesty Brown and Rebecca - I'll be doing a FOTD soon, so keep you eyes on the blog. My alter ego will be unleashed!


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