Monday, 4 October 2010

The Perfect Skin Type Solution

This week, I've been reading The Skin Type Solution by Dr. Leslie Baumman. This book was a recommendation from lipstickmamma, and I am so glad I came across it on her blog as I have thorough enjoyed reading it.

I'm finding that I am increasingly more interested in skincare and I am actively seeking out sources of information on it to sharpen my knowledge, especially as I'm going through a facial overload at college.

The great thing about this book is that it really allows you to get to grips with your skin type (dry, oily etc) and ALSO with your specific skin condition (pigmented, wrinkled etc) and by combining the two factors, you get an indepth look into your skin care concerns and can tailor and use the most appropriate products for the most successful results.

Its a very easy read and the questionnaire is very thorough, but straightforward. Every question is awarded a score and you total up your scores at the end to reveal your skin type. I was an ORNT - meaning I have oily, resistant, non pigmented, tight skin. The best to have, apparently, as its the 'goddess skin type' . The oil and tightness protects my skin from showing visible signs of ageing, my skin cells reproduce quickly enough for me to avoid developing dark spots after inflammation and my skin is resistant enough to not get irritated by products. I am quite pleased with this analysis and feel from my experience it pretty much is true. Though, I do think that I am sometimes prone to dark spots after having a pimple, but they fade over time.

So if you are interested in skin care or are confused and overwhelmed by the amount of skincare products out there and what exactly you should be using, give the questionnaire a go. Once you have completed it, there is a whole chapter dedicated to your skin type, which an extensive list of suitable products for you to try. 

You can also take the questionnaire via the Dr Baumann's website, but I find the one in the book is more in depth, therefore revealing a lot more. The best advice is to make the book your starting point and use the website as a back up for further reading. 

Give it a go and you may just find out some suprising facts about your skin!


  1. I love an easy read, especially if it helps with my skin.

  2. Then this is a must read for you!


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