Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday Favourites: Hand Exfoliators

Whenever someone says to me, 'I don't like hand cream, I never use it, it makes my hands feel greasy', the first thing I say to them is, 'when was the last time you exfoliated your hands?

Nine times out of ten they respond that they don't or haven't in a long time. Well, how can you expect products to penetrate into your skin, if there's a load of dead skin cells in there way acting like a barrier? After the face, the next body part  that can show age is the hands, so by not exfoliating and allowing dead skin cells to build up; dull and lacklustre and aged hands are on the cards.

The key to helping any product absorb into the skin, is to remove any unnecessary barriers and one of the easiest ways to do this on the hands is to use an exfoliator.

So for this reason, especially as we enter the winter season where constant changes our environment - cold, rain, radiator heat, gloves are all going to play havoc on our skin, including hands, HAND EXFOLIATION has been nominated as FRIDAY FAVOURITE. Its going to be necessary to get rid of the dead, dry skin that will be building up!

I'm not going to specify which exfoliator to use as there are loads of brands that do hand exfoliators, but I tend to favour any hand exfoliator that has sugar crystals or AHA's as they easily melt away and leave no residue, apart from super soft hands that allow hand cream to penetrate and moisturise!

Quick Tip - Keep your exfoliator by the kitchen or bathroom sink, next to your hand cream. You're much more likely to remember to use it that way!


  1. I totally agree with you about hand exfoliators, they really do make all the difference, actually I'm more likely to use them than hand cream sometimes.

    Great blog!

  2. Great reminder and great tip about keeping it by the sink - I am off to do that now, your tips are always really practical, thankyou.
    Jan x

  3. @ JV - thanks for the compliments. I find it odd not to exfoliate my hands and it does do a world of good!

    @Lipstickmama - glad you love the tips. Anything to make life easier I say x

  4. I'm definitely an offender here, I have never done it! I need to rectify this as my hands suffer terribly in the colder months. I already have a dry patch starting so they already need some TLC. Thanks for flagging this up!
    Jane x


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