Saturday, 21 August 2010

Beauty College Chronicles: Week One (the continuation)

Again, I was running late on Tuesday, a whole ten minutes late....fact is, I now know I need to get an even earlier train to make it through rush hour, get changed and arrive in class for 9am. But I did get time to stop and take in the views, as below:

This view makes my heart race!
Lessons actually started today and we had to have a supply lecturer as ours was off at a funeral. It was really a re-cap day from Level 2 to make sure we all had the same knowledge, seeing as not everyone had previously attended LCBT.

In preparation for the electrical facials unit, we went over the functions of the skin and how to set up a treatment room for facials. I was amazed the amount of people who didn't know that water should always be placed on the bottom shelf of the trolley when using electrical equipment. Water on the top of trolley with electricals below is a complete recipe for disaster. Would you like a quick shock with your faradic madam? No, I didn't think so!

Lunch was a welcome relief and a group of us popped into Pocini's on Poland Street. If you're ever in Soho, pop in there for lunch.  Freshly made to order sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes and salads. It was a haunt last year and will be again this year.

After lunch, we had to attend a completely pointless lecture on Carbon Footprints delivered by Westminster Council. Yawn, yawn, yawn! That set the tone for the afternoon and we went straight into more theory work recapping on health and safety laws. Boring, but very important and we had to design health and saftey posters covering the main laws and also design a client consultation card. At least you now know that if you have a treatment with me, you'll be safe and leave healthy!

The day ended with Miss. Scary popping in to give us a dressing down as four of us (including me!) were late for class in the morning. Really starting to think she's not a softie!

So thats week one at college, more tales next week!

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