Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Kay's Ultimate Home Nail Kit

Kay, has allowed us to delve into her nail kit and being a professional nail technician, her home manicure kit is rather large, containing seventeen items! But, its what keeps her nails in tip top condition so here goes and below she explains what each product is and why she uses it.

(Its not in order of use)
  1. OPI Swiss Guard - This is an antiseptic gel that I use to clean my hands before a manicure and also use to keep the nail plate sanitised when I push back my cuticles.
  2. OPI N.A.S 99 -  This is an antiseptic spray which I use this for many things: to sanitise tools, to wipe debris off the nail plate, to make sure the nail is free from oil and grease before painting. Its 99% Isoproyl Alcohol and 1% Thymol, so it contains no water, therefore doesn't create mould. (That's more essential when doing nail extensions)
  3. OPI RapiDry Spray - This is the very last thing I use after a manicure, it drys nails to a hard, glossy finish in next to no time. (see other post: http://beautymaze.blogspot.com/2010/06/products-of-week-opi-dripdry-rapidry.html )
  4. Leighton Denny Brilliance Polish Remover - I love this nail polish remover as its designed to lift staining from the nail plate and gently return it to a healthy pink appearance.
  5. OPI Finishing Butter - I use this as hand cream and I find it very luxurious and keeps my hands, nails and cuticles well hydrated.
  6. OPI Drip Dry Drops - I use a drop of this on each nail after putting on top coat and it gets nails touch dry in five minutes. Good for someone who is always on the go like me.
  7. OPI Nail Envy Original - I use this product every so often when I feel my nails need a bit of a strength boost. I either wear it on its own or use it as a base coat.
  8. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil - This is my 'go to' product for cuticles and I use it every night to keep my cuticles moisturised. It's got heaps of avocado oil, which skin absorbs very quickly, so no greasy fingers!
  9. OPI Ridge Filler - I cannot continue a manicure if I'm not using this product. If nails are in good condition, I use this as my base. Its got silicone in it, which sits in and skims over ridges on the nail plate to produce an even finish to polish.
  10. OPI Bond Aid - This is very similar to OPI's Chipskip, but this is a professional version, which I use to balance the pH of the nail plate and create the perfect polish surface. It's only sold to trade.
  11. Essie Good to Go top coat - I find this top coat light and quick drying. It does its job very well.
  12. OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment - I try to use this at least once a week. It contains AHA's which gently work on eliminating dry and hard cuticles.
  13. Fluffy Stick - I picked this up from OPI and its great for wiping away dust and particle of the nail. Also its more cost effective than using a cotton pad each time you want to wipe the nail.
  14. Leighton Denny Crystal File - This is my all time favourite file, the Rolls Royce of all files. I have two, this large one and a smaller handbag sized one. Its won countless awards and is so easy to use. You can file nails in any direction and I find it seals the edges of my nails to prevent sharp bits that can catch on to things.
  15. Cuticle Pusher - I know it looks like something you'd find at the dentist, but its the best cuticle pusher I know. The scoop end fits perfectly into the base of the nails and you can gently work away at dead cuticle and you use the pointed end to clear everything away. I find it much better than plastic hoof sticks and miles more useful than wooden hoof sticks.
  16. Leighton Denny Corrector Brush - This is my perfector brush. After painting, I go over every edge with this brush and some polish remover. Even if I can't see polish on the skin, I still go over with this brush to create a flawless finish.
  17. Cuticle Nippers - This is not something I use very often, as I don't believe in cutting cuticles and dry skin around the nail as it can lead to infection if cut incorrectly. However, when used by a professional and not tugging on the skin, its fine.
So, this is Kay's ultimate, can't live without nail products. You can see she's heavily into OPI as well. What's your ultimate nail kit? We'd love to know what your must have mani products are!


  1. This is a fantastically useful post! Thanks!

  2. It is really helpful to see what a nail technician chooses to have in her kit - I am not a nail tech but have most of these and I don't even wear nail varnish that much! Particularly love LD crystal nail file, you truly can saw away!

  3. My manicure kit is basic (but growing)! I've switched to the Mavala system to help strengthen my nails and it's doing a fine job. I have a Nailtiques foundation base coat which I'm a bit 'meh' about. I find the matte finish can easily spoil a mani. I have Seche Vite which does what is says on the tin but I do get shrinkage. No matter what I do I get chips within a day!

    May I ask, would you recommend using a nail file rather than nail clippers on damaged nails?

  4. @ Charlie - glad you found it useful. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    @lipstickmama - happy to hear your kit is comprehensive as well. The LD file really does deserve all it awards. Its fabulous and makes filing so easy as you can 'saw away'.

    @modestybrown - Good the kit is growing. Looking after hands is just as important as face. Switch over to Ridge Filler and def get yourself a ChipSkip, both keep chips at bay. Also make sure their is no moisture or grease on your nails before you paint. Don't wipe the nail with polish remover as lots of them contain oils, which will chip polish. Instead use NAS 99, it strips grease from the nail and it doesn't contain water, so no moisture on the nail.
    Nail Clippers tend to still leave sharp bits and you end up filing anyway, so I'd stick to filing, but using a gentle grit file. Lena White (OPI UK's distributors)sell a file called the Gentle Manicure File, its fab for weak/damaged nails.

    Hope that helps, but you know where I am for any more questions x

  5. Thank you for the great advice! Myself and my nails really appreciate it ;) x


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