Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Grey Nail Collection from Inglot Cosmetics

Today is definitely a grey day in London town....not a slither of blue sky around, so we've spent all day at Bella Queen headquarters talking about (and getting excited) about autumn and what it will bring for our nails.

So its quite fortunate, that whilst indulging in a favourite past time of net surfing we came across the Grey Nail Collection from Inglot Cosmetics. We're very into matching nails to weather it seems.

This eight piece collection hosts some delicious looking greys and a few other colours that really cool weather to us. There are three grey tones and one of them is a dense, cool and creamy charcoal, with the other two lighter ones having some kind of shimmer to them. There's a burnt aubergine shade and a mystical maroon red brown, which will not look out of place holding one of this autumn's array of clutch bags (Kay has a clutch fetish!).

The other three shades are all luscious variations of green. There is a blackened teal and a dark moss green, which are oh so chic! The collection closes of with muddy green with undertones of gold. It really is a beautiful colour.

Inglot describes their polishes as having a durable, high gloss finish with medium drying time. We'll be giving them a thorough test drive so we'll let you know if they are as described.

In the mean time we think this is a brilliant autumn/winter nail collection from Inglot and there is a shade to suit all skin tones. We can't wait to try them out!

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  1. Nice! I like grey, not sure it likes my nails but I like it's simplicity


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