Saturday, 28 August 2010

Beauty College Chronicles: Week Two

Again we had a supply teacher this week, our main one seems to have gone AWOL. Lets hope she finds her way back next week.

It was a slow start with a continuation of more theory work and the whole class wouldn't stop asking 'when do we get to try out the machines?' electrical facial and body machines that is. Although I'm eager to try them out, I'm less than enthusiastic about someone trying them out on me! But I guess, I will have to get over that and give someone else a chance to practice and learn too!

On Monday afternoon, we had a little demo from the supply teacher with all the electrical machines and some of them looked positively scary. The Direct High Frequency using glass tubes (called mushrooms) looked only capable of inflicting pain rather than deep cleansing skin. But I know its a brilliant system, so there was no need to be scared! We also had a demo on the faradic machine which tones muscles using small electrical currents and I tried it on the fleshy part of my thumb and it was quite funny to watch my hand jump involuntarily from the shocks, which by the way are not painful, in case you were wondering.

On Tuesday morning, we went through theory on the nervous system. It so easy to get confused with all the motor inserts, motor receptors, neutrons and what not, so its safe to say that I have a lot more swotting up to do than I initially thought, but this studying lark is one nut I WILL crack.

I had to leave mid morning to attend the Look Good, Feel Better session, so I didn't get to partake in the first practical session of the course, where the girls actually did facials, using the Direct High Frequency machines.
A Direct High Frequency Machine

From what I heard, it was a 'shocking situation' (pun intended)! and I cannot wait to try it out!

More tales next week, amigos.


  1. I came over all strange when I saw the High Frequency Machine. I would love to get my hands on that baby!! I'm looking forward to more updates too.
    Jane x

    (I have to write pongs as my word verification, I had mings the other day too. I think someone is trying to tell me something, lol.)

  2. Its fab, isn't it? Can wait to get my hands on it this week. You know I don't control the verifications, but the words you've got are hilarious. Wonder what you'll get next?!


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