Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday Favourites

Did you enjoy last week’s Friday Favourites?

This week the accolade goes to Rimmel’s Professional Eyebrow pencil. With three shades (black brown, dark brown and hazel) at just under £3, its a bargain!

This is eyebrow pencil has been a staple on and off for over ten years, depending on how flush the bank balance is. It got a lot of use during college days, but as my taste got more high end, I switched to the likes of the Chanel, Shu Uemura and Dior eyebrow pencils. Although, those pencils are gorgeous, I’ve come back to my trusted favourite.

The pencil is standard with a brush on the cap, nothing too special, but I find that its soft on my skin and doesn’t drag, which is something I’ve experienced before with some of the luxury brands, whose pencils don’t always glide easily. It has good coverage and fills in the gaps in my brows nicely. As a child I had very bushy eyebrows and in my teenage years I over plucked majorly. So now, I do use a pencil to extend my brow and I feel this one doesn’t give a stark and overly obvious brow line. It looks natural, has good staying power and lasts till bedtime, no matter how much running around I do!

Brows are such an important part of make up and the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil does such a fine job in helping us girlies frame our faces, that it thoroughly deserves this week’s Friday Favourites trophy!

So over to you, are you a brow pencil or powder person? What’s your favourite eyebrow brand?


  1. Lovely post. Funnily enough my Friday Favourite is the Shu Uemura brow pencil. I've raved about it quite a few times. I love it and have loved how filling in my brows and playing with the shape can make me look more polished.

    I have tried this pencil in a couple of shades. I agree that the texture is good. The only draw back for me was not being able to get a good colour match. I really like the brow brush on the cap, I found it really handy for brushing over my brows once I'd filled them in.

  2. I actually use the Rimmel eyeline pencil on my brows...but it tends to drag slightly as ofcourse it's not ment for brows.
    Will 100% have to try this especially as it's under £3!

    Fee x

  3. @ModestyBrown: Thank you! Yes, I've seen some of your reviews about the Shu pencil. Isn't it jut a fab pencil? I've got one too, but I've barely used it. Its in my kit for clients instead. A few people have mentioned the lack of colours, I guess Rimmel would need to address that going forward.The brush on cap is very useful x

    @Makeup Savvy: Hello there! Yes, I would have thought it would drag a bit as the texture is slightly firmer. But you should give the eyebrow pencils a go, I think you'll like it. Rimmel do great bargains as well, so it never feels like you're breaking the bank x


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