Monday, 2 August 2010

Dissolve the Day with Dermalogica's Precleanse

Sometimes you wash your face and thinking its clean, you proceed to toner only to see traces of make up on your cotton pad! How annoying is that? Goes to show your cleanser isn't doing a full and proper job of cleaning your face.

This is where Dermalogica's precleanse comes up trumps. As the name suggests you use it before cleansing and it dissolves oil based make up, sebum, sunscreens and environmental aggressors from the surface of your skin, prior to your usual cleanser. In a standard issue white and grey bottle, it basically gives your cleanser a helping hand and ensures you get a more thorough job done.

Precleanse suits all skin types and its great for oily skin, even though it's an oil based cleanser. It feels very light on the skin and you can actually feel it working to liquefy dirt and grime on the skins surface. It's even gentle enough to use on the eye area and tough enough to dissolve waterproof mascara.

Precleanse is made of a number of moisturising oils - olive, apricot, kukui, borage and rice bran. It's also hydrophilic, meaning it loves water and can easily rinsed away with water. Surprisingly, given the number of oils, your face isn't left looking like you've apple bobbed in a vat of grease.

Apply it to dry face, before using any water, paying close attention to massage it into areas of congestion. Then, boost Precleanse by wetting hands and massaging your face again to create a milky emulsion. Wash this off before you continue with your usual cleansing routine.

The bottle is 150ml and you get can easily get three months use out of it. And at approx £20 you do get your money's worth. Precleanse is a valuable weapon in achieving a professional cleanse at home, with skin feeling clean and healthy.

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