Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Forays in the eye area: Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Crea

Lately I've wanted to up my beauty regime and introduce a few new products from the age prevention department. In particular, eye cream. Even though, I don't think I need it (just yet), prevention is better than cure, as they say.

I had a few samples of Origin's new GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream lying around, so I thought that was the best place to start. Origins say this eye cream will improve micro circulation and perk up your eyes and the combination of stimulating caffeine, ginseng, Magnolia extract and natural optic brighteners will rapidly wake up, restore, refresh and bring radiance to tired eyes. I started using the cream a few weeks ago and to be honest I wasn't expecting much as I didn't feel I had lines that needed addressing or sagging, drooping skin that needed tightening.

It's a light mousse like cream with an off whitish/pinkish colour. There is a slight spicy smell to it which reminds me of fresh ginger.  It felt very smooth to apply but there was a noticeable film of product around my eyes, but it wasn't dry or flaky, just that I could see there was something there.

Surprisingly there was no sensation at first (need to give it time to sink into the dermis layer of skin). Within 20 minutes, my eye area felt it had been constricted and it felt tighter and lifted too. It almost felt like my eyes were being held/pulled opened by the cream and it tingled a bit too. It sounds forced, but it isn't uncomfortable, just a strange feeling for me.

I applied my make up as normal and my eye lids felt very smooth, plumped and hydrated. Once outside and cool air hit my face my eyes felt very fresh. A bit like when you have a menthol chewing gum and you get that cool, fresh feeling in your mouth, but this time on your eyes. I felt like my eyes had woken up.

I got to work and even without my usual caffeine fix to get me bouncing around, my colleagues mentioned that I looked bright and alert. I feel this cream does live up to Origins claim of improving vibrancy and radiance around the eyes. I've been using it now for over three weeks and I feel my eye area is much tighter and feels like its had a refreshing lift.

At £20 and available from beauty halls that have an Origins counter, it's definitely an eye cream worthy of consideration. This is my first foray into eye creams, so no doubt I will be trying others, but for now I am quite happy and comfortable using this one.

So over to you, do you use eye cream? Which one do you use or have you tried the Origins GinZeng Refreshing Eye Cream before?


  1. I've never tried anything from Origins but I see them around and always praised.

    I've been using an Organic Surge eye gel of late and I do like the way it makes that area feel all zingy. I actually quite like the tightening sensation so I am a definite fan!

  2. This is my second Origins try....their Zero Matte formula was fabulous when I went through an oily skin period.

    I've checked out Organic Surge and they say you can use their eye gel am and pm.....most eye creams are am only, so I'm interested in trying this one out as well now.


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