Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Favourites

Its that time of the week again where the ladies of Bella Queen headquarters get together and decide which beauty product or item gets the Friday Favourites vote. This week there were tense discussions which involved quite a few phone calls in the name of research and we ended up with the vote going to....drum roll please! The muslin cloth!
If you're in the know about beauty, then you would know what a muslin cloth is, but of the ladies we spoke to
at least 80% didn't know what a muslin cloth was, didn't use one or thought it was something for babies.

For decades muslin cloths have been used for babies because they are soft and kind to skin. So makes sense that they would be a good product for an adults skin. We certainly thought so! They help keep your skin soft and healthy during the cleansing process and while they don't replace your usual exfoliating product, they will help give you skin a boost and deep clean by removing grime from pores and sloughing away dead skin cells from the surface of skin.

Also the circular massage motion you use with them, stimulates the blood capillaries to supply your skin with more oxygen and nutrients. It's a sure way to ensure your skin is polished and glowing.

So to get the most out of your cleanser and up the ante of your cleansing routine, throw in a muslin cloth for good measure. Just don't forget to throw it in the washing machine after every couple of uses to keep it at its best.


  1. Good call! I am a huge fan of the muslin cloth and own several of them myself.

  2. I love muslin cloths! I have ones for babies and ones for my face and my absolute favourite for cleansing is my Eve Lom cloth. It has such a luxurious feel!

    My (late) friday favourite would have to be my eye make up remover. I use The Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye makeup remover. It's great stuff, very gentle and removes all traces of make up without stinging. It's even nice to use as an all over cleanser as it doesn't leave any residue. I'm ever faithful with this product and I'm on my third tube now.
    Jane x

  3. @ Helen - glad you agree. I vote everyone should own at least one.
    @MB - Happy to see you share the muslin passion. The Eve Lom one is lush, I've got one too. Your nomination is great, so many eye make up removers sting, so its nice to hear of one of the gentle ones.


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