Tuesday, 24 August 2010

NOTD: Model's Own Red n Black

Five minutes hanging around in front of Boots Oxford Circus, led to today's NOTD.  I got bored while waiting for a friend, so decided to entertain myself at the Model's Own counter.

This shade intrigued me just for the name. I was stood there going, is it red? or is it black? I concluded that it wasn't black, but just a deep deep blackened red. Anyway, I had to hurry up and make the purchase as the security guard was giving me funny looks because I was mouthing off to myself in my one woman nail polish debate.

So here it is!
Outdoor shot with flash
Outdoor shot without flash
Indoors with flash

I love the colour! Gets me ready for autumn/winter and with the way the weather is going, I am more than ready. The first coat was a little streaky, but if you load the brush a little bit more than usual, you get good coverage on the first coat. The polish is gel like, which I like. I hate when polish is really thin on the nail. Having said that, I had three layers of OPI Nail Envy underneath! It's quick drying and you're good to go with the usual two coats, followed by top coat.

So, I've concluded that Red n Black is a red with a lot of black in it. I'd say its a really burnt aubergine colour. Its very similar to one of my other favourites Leighton Denny's Vamp with a tiny touch more black.

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  1. I love Vampy colours, I also think we can pretty much conclude that Summer O.V.E.R.! I may take a look at it in person on Friday as I'm more than likely to spend a few moment killing time in there on Friday ;) xx


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