Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ta-Da! Silky Smooth Shaving Gel

Being a therapist, the preferred method of de-fuzzing is always going to be waxing or permanent hair removal if you can afford it. But there are times when you can't always make your six weekly waxist appointment or that impromptu holiday comes up and you've got barely enough time to pack, let alone get your legs waxed!

For these occasions this is where Ta-Da! garners a spot in the bathroom cabinet. Unlike traditional shaving mousses which foam up, Ta-Da is 150ml of non foaming gel. It doesn't come in a pressurised container, but in a recyclable white tube, so you can use and then do your bit for the environment when you're done.The lack of foam is a good thing, you can see where you put your razor and avoid unsightly nicks!

This non sticky opaque white gel is loaded with tea tree and aloe vera oil and is perfume and paraben free. Your pores go through enough trouble when shaving so the aloe vera will soothe and tea tree will refresh the skin. Its a non drying formula, so will also hydrate your skin.

While I will always choose more longer lasting methods of hair removal, Ta-Da! is the 'go to' in an emergency...like the need to wear an above the knee summer dress!

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